A brief statement about this blog. It's not about me. Or my photography. I love photography. This will be about photographs that capture my imagination. I will be posting regularly this time around. Hope you enjoy.

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Photographs That Stopped Time

It started with my publishing "Are These the 5 most Famous Photographs in History?" and soon had some other suggestions. So I thought it would be fun to see what others consider time stopping photographs. Take a look, let me know if you agree, don't agree and what others should we include. Notice: I don't claim to own any copyright to any of the images. This is my personal celebration of great photography.

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Vivian Maier - The Nanny Camera

For much of her life, Vivian Maier was something of a mystery. Her photographic talent went largely unrecognized because she kept her work a secret from most of the people who knew her, including the New York and Chicago families she worked for as a live-in nanny and caregiver. Maier only printed a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of images of bustling city life she snapped with her Rolleiflex and Leica cameras over some five decades, and showed them to almost no one, instead amassing boxes and boxes of negatives and unprocessed film.

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An intimate journey into a women's prison via Polaroid

CNN — What is perhaps most striking about the 32 photographs that make up Jack Lueders-Booth’s new book, “Women Prisoner Polaroids,” is the intimacy that occupies each frame. Inmates wear their own clothes and pose in cells embellished with personal effects, much like any regular college dorm room; one woman clasps a biography of Mick Jagger, others are pictured with their arms wrapped around friends. A warm sensibility, typically foreign to portraits of incarceration, is notable throughout.

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Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, the Power of Photography

About 3,000 people died during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico —the most lethal U.S. natural disaster in at least a century. As with Florence, which swamped the Carolinas for days, and Typhoon Mangkhut, which scoured the Philippines and Hong Kong, the physical devastation of Puerto Rico was obvious right away. But it would be 11 months before its government produced a credible count of the dead. And when it did, a new storm came with it.

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Are yours as good? Time Magazine's best portraits 2018

2018 was unquestionably a trying year. Amid the difficult times, however, there were also bright spots: community leaders fighting to change the world for the better, groundbreaking artists creating remarkable work, record-setting athletes pushing the envelope, and ordinary people with inspiring stories. Over the last 12 months, TIME has set out to photograph the world’s most influential newsmakers.

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We are all immigrants

Contrary to what some might have you believe, American identity can look like many things. These Ellis Island immigration photos prove it.

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